009Sunday 2nd October saw Bridge Tennis Club host a Period Dress, wooden racket tournament to mark the club’s 40th anniversary and a fine sunny day attracted a good number of people to join in. The event was off to a good start before a ball was struck with many of the participants’ looking superb in their costumes – especially the ladies. The games themselves consisted of short sets played with old wooden rackets and, of course, with the unaccustomed discomfort  of their costumes. A lot of people hadn’t played with wooden rackets before and they quickly came to appreciate the players of yore who had to use these unwieldy and heavy instruments routinely. None-the-less a level of near-competence was soon reached by all and the cut and thrust of the tournament started in earnest. Some people actually enjoyed using them.

A lunch was included in the event and, in keeping with the theme, was a fantastic spread of appropriate period foods and drinks as well as the obligatory Pimms. The food was photographed as often as the players.

All-in-all it was a lovely day and the club’s thanks go out to the organisers of Katie, Katrina & Suzanne – well done ladies.

If anyone is interested in the result, there was never more than a point between the top 5 or 6 but the top three were Tony (26 pts), Alison (25 pts) & Barrie (24 pts).

We’re all looking forward to the next one.