Friday 8th April saw the second visit of Bridge Tennis Club to Fenton’s Curling centre in Tunbridge Wells (England’s only Curling venue). In temperatures of -2C (despite the warmth outside) a ‘veteran’ team of Rhona, Chris, Hugh & Tony took on the might of the ‘rookies’ consisting of Trevor, Sally & Nathan. With the aid of Trevor’s finely-honed (& dubious) tactical skills the rookies held their own through most of the match but were undone at the end by the greater experience of the vets who eventually won by 4 points. Needless to say it was an entertaining match with all the panache, accuracy and tension that is associated with Curling (or at least Bridge’s version of it) – Further highlighted by the vision of a spread-eagled Hugh on the ice and watching the manic sweeping of everyone concerned.

To avoid all the paparazzi the party retired to a nearby Indian restaurant for the post-match analysis and a really good, well-earned, curry.


Think you can do better? – then watch this space for the next one.