From November 10th 2019 – it will run until 31st March 2020.

The top 8 will qualify for an ATP Finals style tournament – 4 players in each group playing round robins. Then the winners of each group to play in a Final. With an aim to do this by the end of April. With the next ladder starting on May 1st 2020.

Live: Singles ladder, challenges and results


Any member (female, male and juniors) can join the ladder at anytime – please email


Initial rules

  • Matches are 2 sets then a Championship tiebreak.
  • You have 3 weeks to play your match. If not played, it will be awarded to the person who made the most effort to play it if it can’t be resolved.
  • You need to email as well as your opponent to make challenge, so that the 3 weeks starts. And please send through the result as soon as possible – within 24 hours ideally.
  • You can challenge up to 2 places above e.g. if you are 10 – you can challenge 8 or 9
  • If you challenge and win you move above the person – (rather than swap places)
  • Once a challenge is made it needs to be completed. This is because it prevents others challenging the 2 players involved. Please let me know as soon as possible if your game is not going to be played and a “walkover” will need to be awarded to one of the players.
  • You can’t challenge someone you have just played – you or they must have gone through another challenge first
  • You cannot line-up challenges – that is you can only challenge someone who is available for a challenge i.e. Green not Red