Summer 2019 Fixtures and Results

  • Dover District League – Captain – Gerry D’Cruz

Both teams play 2 x 2 set matches. So, the result of an individual match could be a draw

Game 1 Wednesday 15th May vs Herne Bay B AWAY

Elizabeth Dobing & John Darby Luke Dunne & Jo Rohan

Won 6-2 

“It was a tough match and they were very awkward to play against.  Elizabeth and  John drew 4-6, 6-2 and Luke and Jo drew 6-7, 7-6 against their same pairing.

Against their other pairing, Jo and Luke won 7-6, 6-1 and Elizabeth & John won  6-3, 6-3
 So, both Bridge pairs won 3 sets and lost 1.So, Bridge won 6-2.  Fantastic! Very well played everyone, that was a difficult match. Jo was in a lot of pain and  carrying an injury. They kept going for body shots at Jo but she did fantastic keep getting them back. lots of good volleys.   

Jo & Luke were 5-1 down in the final set and won 7-6. Luke credits Jo for the comeback.”   


Game 2 Tuesday 21st May vs Hythe C HOME
Game 3 Tuesday 4th June vs Sandwich HOME
Game 4 Thursday 27th June vs Hythe C AWAY
Game 5 Tuesday 2nd July vs Herne Bay B HOME
Game 6 Tuesday 9th vs Sandwich. AWAY


  • Ashford and District League – Captain – Luke Dunne

Both teams play 2 x 2 set matches, with a championship tie-break to decide the match instead of a 3rd set.

Game 1 Sunday – 28th April – Away – Charing B

Alison Hicks & Jonathan Dearth: Penny & John Morgan

Won 3-1 

“Penny & John beat their weakest team, 6-2, 6-2 and Alison and Jonathan beat them 6-1, 6-2.

The strongest team were much more of a challenge. Penny & John won the first set, but lost the second and then the championship tie-break. Exactly the reverse happened for Alison and Jonathan. They lost the first set and started to lose the 2nd. Then, Alison suggested a change of tactics which immediately worked and we won the set and the championship tie break.

A very pleasing result. A very nice visit to Charing and they looked after us well with tea, bread and cheese and pate and cakes. We’re going to have to up our game from my tea and Jammie Dodgers offering during the winter leagues. Also, they had score boards – which were great!”

Game 2 Saturday- 4th May- Away – Sellindge

Alison Hicks & Jonathan Dearth: Teresa Rowe & John Darby

Draw – 2-2 

“So we’re still unbeaten! Well played team.  It was a very close competitive match. Plus, we lost one of the 4 matches on a tiebreak 10-8! We need to practice 10 point tiebreaks.  🙂  Keep up the good work.

Game 3 Sunday – 19th May – Home – Headcorn B  

Elizabeth Dobing & John Darby (c):  Teresa Rowe and Luke Dunn


Game 4 – to be rearranged – Home – Woodchurch  

Penny Morgan & Jonathan Dearth (c):  Janice Muehlthaler & John Morgan


Game 5 Sunday – 23rd June – Home – Hythe C 

Alison Hicks & J.Darby (c):  Janice Muehlthaler & Nigel Morley


Game 6 Sunday – 7th July – Home – Chilham

Alison Hicks & John Darby (c):  Teresa Rowe & Nigel Morley


Game 7 Sunday – 4th August – Away – Faversham B

Elizabeth Dobing & John Morgan:  Janice Muehlthaler & Jonathan Dearth (c)