Bridge Tennis Club Tournament 2020

All details of the tournaments are on the named tabs on the Tournament Spreadsheet 2020

Bridge Tennis Club Tournament 2019

Matches ran smoothly with minimal management by the organisers. Despite windy conditions Final’s Day ran without a hitch. Play began at 10am and presentation took place at about 3:30pm on Saturday 28th September 2019

A short presentation ceremony followed that was attended by many of the players family members and you can see photos of the event below with the results details. We look forward to next year’s tournament and hope to see some new names on the club’s honours board!


Women’s Singles

The Women’s finals were played by Elizabeth Dobing and Jo Rohan. Despite a brave battle Elizabeth’s experience and skill won the day with a 6:0 6:0 victory.

Men’s Singles

The Men’s finals were played by Vincent Kerck and John Harris. A very entertaining match with a tie-break in the first set. Vincent was sporting a minor shoulder injury. However, the match ended with Vincent winning 7:6 6:2.

Women’s Doubles

The Women’s doubles were played by Elizabeth Dobing & Alison Hicks vs Jo Rohan & Penny Morgan. This was Elizabeth’s and Jo’s second match of the day! Neither finalist showed any sign of tiredness and Elizabeth and Alison won after a tight first set of 7:5. The final score was 7:5, 6:0.

Men’s Doubles

Men’s Doubles

The Men’s doubles saw young players Jake Wilson and Ed Glover playing the ‘life experienced’ Jonathan Higgs and Hugh Muir-Little. Jake and Ed played a consistent game and despite strong opposition won 6:3, 6:4.

Mixed Doubles

The final match saw Elizabeth playing her 3rd consecutive match and Alison playing her 2nd. The quality of play was strong with great entertainment value and the match went to 3 sets with Elizabeth Dobing and Matt Osgood beating Alison Hicks and Jonathan Dearth 6:4, 4:6, 6:4.