The annual Ashes tournament at Chilham Tennis Club and Castle will be on Sunday 30.04.17. Matches are scheduled from12.30 onwards ending at around 4.30 with celebrations – drinks and light food at the Woolpack courtesy of Chilham.


For those people who are unaware of this event, it is a pre-season opening friendly tournament held at Chilham with half of the games played on the club courts and the other half played on the lovely private courts in the stunning front gardens of Chilham Castle. It is a fun tournament and the standard of the two clubs is suitably matched; refreshments are provided by Chilham throughout the day. Rhona Jardella is coordinating this event with Chilham and is looking for players. The event is in its 4th year and we are hoping to win back the Ashes. Bridge won in 2014 and 2015 but Chilham won last at year. We’d like them back.


If you would like to play please contact Rhona on as we need to know if we have the right numbers fairly quickly to enable Chilham to make their plans.


The format is expected to be:

2 teams of men’s double, 2 teams of ladies doubles and 2 mixed teams which means that ideally we need 6 men and 6 ladies. Assuming that we can achieve these numbers, every player will play half their games at the Chilham courts and the other half at the castle (just a short stroll through the lovely village).

Each match will probably be the first to 8 games with each game decided by the advantage point system if necessary after the first deuce. It’s a fun day with good tennis and great hospitality. Those who gave played before have always enjoyed it, so put your name down.