The committee is delighted to announce the details of this year’s tournament.  We particularly hope that as many people as possible will enter, even if they don’t expect to win. Not only is it a fun tournament, but it’s also an excellent way to get to know new members and to join in with club life. We would particularly welcome entrants into the ladies singles and doubles.

Categories: The tournament will be split into six sections: Men’s Singles Ladies Singles Men’s Doubles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles and, following the success of last year, The Rookies Cup.

Most of the categories are self-explanatory; the Rookies cup is a doubles tournament, but pairings can be young and old/ mixed or same-sex/ and of any ability. It is meant for those who may be new to the game, and perhaps feeling a bit worried about strong opposition. Stronger players, including anyone who has played for Bridge at a competitive level will not be in the tournament, so it’s a good chance to have a fun, competitive match without being put to the sword. The tournament committee will politely but firmly remove any pairings which are felt to be too strong.

Rules of the Tournaments:

Finals Day: The Finals Day will be on Saturday, 16th of September 2017, weather permitting. It is important that the finals do all take place on the same day, which has become an important event on the club calendar, but because many of you will not know yet whether you are free, we have decided not to make it a condition of entry that you definitely will be available then. However, at the semi-final stage, we would ask that those who will not be available for the final day to step aside.

Pairings: for the men’s, ladies and mixed doubles, all pairings will be permitted EXCEPT those pairings who were winners last year.


Each match is to be decided on the best of three sets; set being decided by a tiebreaker at 6-6, but  if both sides agree before the tie starts, the third set may be decided by a championship tiebreaker.


Depending on the number of entries in each competition, the committee will set a timetable for the completion of matches. Please do your best comply with this, as a failure to do so will result in the committee deciding who is to advance, based on a combination of forecasting the likely result coupled with demonstrated efforts to play the tie within the timetable. It is unlikely that the committee decision will be welcomed by the losing entry, so better to play within the timetable. We hope that most matches up to quarter finals can be played between now and the end of summer term in mid-July; and then semi-finals completed by 6th September.

Entry Forms

There is no need for filling in an entry form; please send details of your entry by email to either Jonathan Higgs at or Gerry D’Cruz at or even better, both! The closing date for entries will be Wednesday 17th May at 6:15 pm, when the draw will take place. We will put up the Tournament Draw in the Clubhouse, as soon as practicable after 17th May, so keep an eye out on the notice boards. To cover costs for the finals day festivities, there will be a nominal entry charge of £2 per person regardless of number of categories entered

Legal Stuff: In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.