The recent AGM was held at the Red Lion in Bridge and the Chairman’s Annual report was put to the floor of about 20 members.

It was reported that although there is still work to be done, finances are much improved to the extent that no increases were needed in general membership fees. Membership numbers were increased by around 15% with all categories, except for coaching, showing significant increases.

Bridge’s 3 competitive teams had mixed results over the year but were generally happy with their progress.

Matters put to the floor consisted of proposals to discontinue the coaching-junior category and a proposal to include a ‘vested interest’ clause in the constitution. Both proposals were passed.

John Morgan stepped down as Chairman and was replaced by Tony Blackall. Rhona Jardella, Roger Duprey & Chris Bristow also stepped down and were replaced by James Garrett (treasurer), Gerry D’Cruz (matches & Wimbledon ballot) and Alan Donald (maintenance).

A full (but as yet, unnaproved) copy of the minutes is on display in the clubhouse.