I am wanting to become a Children's Librarian

Needless to say, seeing as though I am wanting to become a Children's Librarian, I was quite excited to find out that there was something like that where I was going. It also helped that the admission was priced just right, free.

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The NCCILL is divided into two parts. Part of it is comprised of a bookstore. All of the books in the bookstore are by authors/artists who have had their books displayed at the museum. I found out that there are many books available for purchase which are signed by the author.

I was quite excited to see books by Kevin Henkes. Unfortunately, they did not have any copies of his books which we're signed. However, they did have a selection of William Steig's books, alas, no signatures, but on sale. So, of course, I had to pick up a copy of Brave Irene .

The second part of the NCCILL is comprised of a showing of one author/illustrator's work. On display when I was there was Ashley Bryan. There we're about 15 of his books located on podiums around the room, along with numerous displays of the illustrations. I found it very interesting to see some of his sketches and compare them to the final product.

Each author/illustrator's work remains on display for approximately 10 weeks.

If you are ever in the Abilene area, I would highly recommend a visit here, especially if you have children.

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